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Protecting Florida Workers From Wage Violations

As an employee, you deserve to be fairly compensated. Your employer should comply with minimum wage and overtime laws. They should observe policies or contracts related to bonuses or commissions and properly classify all workers. If your employer has violated any law in relation to your compensation, you have the right to take legal action. 

Your employer may owe you overtime pay, have inappropriately classified you as an independent contractor, or even forced you to work off the clock. In all of these cases, our team of wage & hour lawyers in Tampa at Justice Litigation Association can help you.

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How We Help Florida Workers Recover Unpaid Wages

We serve workers in all industries across Florida, handling wage and hour claims with the competence and commitment it takes to seek fair, positive results. With wage claims, unpaid overtime, and similar matters, employees may be able to recover double the amount of back pay owed, plus attorney fees and other costs. We can carefully evaluate your claim to determine its worth and how to proceed.

Our Firm Represents Employees in Wage and Hour Claims Involving:

When you work with our founder, Tampa wage and hour attorney Chad Justice, you will pay no upfront costs and pay nothing at all unless we recover a settlement or award on your behalf. There is no risk but so much to gain by working with Justice Litigation Attorneys.

How Does Overtime Work in Florida

Employees are protected under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). It establishes standards for minimum wage, overtime pay, and more. In the state of Florida, employees typically earn overtime after working 40 hours in a workweek. Hours worked over the 40-hour workweek are typically considered overtime. When an employee works overtime, most may be compensated at a pay rate that is one and half times their regular rate.

Who is Exempt From FLSA?

Unfortunately, not all employees are entitled to overtime compensation. Below is a list of classes of employees that are not entitled to overtime:

  • Most truck drivers
  • Most railroad workers
  • Outside sales
  • Salary Level Test
  • Supervisory employee with management as their primary duty

If you believe that you are entitled to overtime pay, your employer is refusing to pay you overtime, or if you have questions about overtime law in general, do not hesitate to reach out to the experienced Tampa wage and hour lawyers at Justice Litigation Association. Your initial consultation is free of charge and we are more than happy to help and fight for what is right!

How Our Florida Employment Law Firm Can Help

You deserve to work with our wage dispute attorney who will put in the work it takes to recover lost or unpaid wages, plus other losses or damages you have experienced. That is the level of counsel provided at our firm. We provide services in Miami, Orlando, and all throughout Florida.

Don't let your employer steal the wages you are rightfully owed. Call (800) 219-1324 today or complete an online form to schedule a consultation with a wage & hour lawyer in Tampa, FL!

  • “I was beyond elated and filled with hope when Sam Doxsee and Chad Justice stepped up to be my champions!” - Kyrie-Leigh Chambliss
  • “Chad is by far one of the best employment attorneys. He's honest and straightforward. He told me what would happen and a few possible outcomes, never sugar coating the situation I had at hand.” - Former Client
  • “Mr. Justice was an extremely professional and personable attorney. He was honest with me from the beginning about what to expect and what our next steps were.” - Austin S.

You Deserve Justice & the Protection of Your Rights

If your employer has violated your rights as an employee, it is important you be fairly compensated for what you have worked so hard. Our legal team is equipped with the knowledge and experience that your case needs. Contact our Tampa wage & hour attorneys today for a free review of your case by filling out our online form or call us at (800) 219-1324.

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