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Florida employees have various rights to ensure that their workplaces are fair and equal. Unfortunately, although state and federal statutes define lawful and unlawful conduct concerning workers, employers or their representatives do not always adhere to them. Violations of employment laws come in many forms, including discriminatory practices, harassment, and unfair wage assessments. When employees' rights are trampled upon, they can suffer various hardships, affecting their finances, ability to provide for their family, and mental and physical health. Wrongdoing within the workplace should not be tolerated. Any injustice must be addressed and remedied. 

At Justice Litigation Attorneys, our Miami employment law lawyers stand up for workers subject to mistreatment at the office. We only represent employees, not employers. Our focus is on ensuring that our clients' rights are protected. Delivering aggressive legal representation backed by experience and innovative thinking, we develop strategies to pursue compensation, job reinstatement, and other available remedies for our clients. We believe that everybody deserves a workplace free of hostility, discrimination, or harassment, and employers allowing such to happen should be held accountable. 

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We Represent Employees Facing All Types of Injustice

Higher-ups, coworkers, or even third-party vendors can violate workers' rights. Regardless of where the misconduct comes from, those subject or witness to it can report it. Addressing workplace misconduct leads to remedies for the parties it directly affected and can create a better working environment for future employees.

At Justice Litigation Attorneys, we provide counsel for a range of employment law matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Unfair wages. Employees should be paid fairly and according to minimum wage and overtime laws. If an employer does not compensate an employee for the time they worked, bonuses, or commissions, or they misclassify a worker to skirt wage laws, the injured party may bring action against the company.
  • Retaliation. Some employees might fear that if they expose workplace misconduct, they could face severe consequences from their employer. However, under employment laws, workers cannot be docked pay, fired, or subject to any other form of retaliation for reporting wrongdoing.
  • Wrongful termination. Although Florida is an at-will employment state, that doesn't mean an employer can terminate someone for unlawful reasons. A company might have illegally let go of a worker if it based the decision on the individual's membership in a protected class (e.g., race, gender, or sexual orientation), taking time off under FMLA, or exposing wage discrepancies within the organization.
  • Sexual harassment. Two forms of sexual harassment exist. There's quid pro quo harassment, involving a request for sexual favors in exchange for some employment benefit. There's also sexual harassment creating a hostile work environment, such as making crude jokes or hanging illicit images in the office. Either form is illegal and must be addressed.
  • Discrimination. Employment decisions, such as hiring, promoting, or terminating workers, must be based on the individual's qualifications and skills. Basing them on things such as the person's age, race, gender, disability, national origin, or pregnancy is considered discrimination and is unlawful.
  • Whistleblowers. Under the False Claims Act, workers can bring lawsuits on behalf of the government when they become aware that their employer is engaged in illegal conduct, such as tax evasion or embezzlement. These individuals, referred to as whistleblowers, cannot be retaliated against and may be compensated for shedding light on the wrongdoing.

Our Miami employment law lawyers recognize that coming forward about workplace misconduct can be difficult and intimidating. However, remedying the situation requires the courage to speak up, and our team is here to help. We will stand by you throughout your case, providing the advocacy you need.

  • “They were very informative they kept me in the loop of everything every step of the way. They are very attentive and quick with responses. Chad answered all my questions every call and always reminded me to reach out with any other questions or concerns wi” - Former Client
  • “They are very professional, they communicated everything to me in terms I could understand and was very friendly about it. I felt like I was their only client the way I was treated.” - Former Client
  • “From the start, the firm listened to my complaint and jumped into action! They kept in constant communication and won my case!” - Former Client

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At Justice Litigation Attorneys, we have extensive experience assisting workers with various employment law matters. Our team has helped protect the rights of and seek compensation for thousands of employees. We are ready and willing to stand up for you.

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